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Helping a Christian brand reach the world

Josiah Reed (son of Isaiah & Carol Reed) & Gavin Lawson, founders of leaf. leaf is a brand that i, Josiah, have had in my mind since is was 11 and now am beginning to manifest it into a reality with my business partner and best-friend.

the meaning of the name leaf is originated from fig leaves which was the first clothing Adam & Eve wore in the Garden of Edan; so we simplified it down to “leaf”. We chose this name because all of our inspiration in designing comes from the bible. We use the bible as our inspiration because it sends a loving & positive message, & that is what we are all about. leaf is a brand that will eventually branch out to other facets of peoples everyday life, but first we are starting with our passion in fashion. We plan to have clothing for all ages but to start off with we want to target our younger generation. We are aiming to uplift our generation in a positive way with a modern twist.

The $1600 we are raising is to fund the first supply of clothing & for marketing to make a childhood dream into a reality. You can donate on our "GoFundMe" below"; all contributions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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